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Sweetie Nail Supply's Product Recommendations for Black Friday

15 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Black Friday is just around the corner. At Sweetie Nail Supply, that means it’s the perfect opportunity to grab high quality nail products and stock up on favorites with awesome deals. Here are some of our recommendations to help you get started on your Black Friday shopping list.

Cuore All-In-One Oil Care Oil
Cuticle oil is always a must, and with the colder and drier months approaching, it’s even more essential to invest in a high quality oil for your nails and surrounding skin as dryness can become a common problem during the winter season. Applying oil helps the nails stay hydrated and flexible, minimizing breakage and chipping. This practice also helps prevent both the development of hangnails as well as dry cracked skin which can become sensitive and irritated. Healthy and flexible nails supported with oil will also contribute to the longevity of your gel manicure or nail enhancements, as dry and brittle nails are often prone to product lifting. 

Cuore All-In-One Care Oil is a premium oil that can be used for more than just your nails! It can be incorporated into your skincare routine, applied to dry areas, used for massages, and even applied to brittle hair for nourishment. Containing 100% organic cactus seed oil, horse oil, and other moisturizing oils, Cuore All-In-One Care Oil also improves dull skin tone, contains anti-aging properties, has excellent anti-inflammatory effects, and is soothing to sensitive skin types.

Choose from three refreshing and clean scents: garden, feminine rose, or yellow fragrant flower shop. Each scent is subtle yet pleasant. These oils can be purchased in either a 35 ml dropper bottle that is designed to hygienically drop oil without coming in contact with skin, which is great if you work with clients, or a 15 ml squeeze bottle with a dropper-like opening that is suitable for easy on-the-go application. 

cuore all in one oil cuticle oil

Cuore Nippers
Having high quality nippers are key to pristine cuticle cleaning when it comes to nail preparation. Designed with quality, Cuore nippers take into account comfortable grip and user experience. They are made of titanium material which makes them easy to clean and sanitize. Cuore Nippers come in four different length and shape options. These nippers feel comfortable to hold and have a soft spring with smooth action, helping to reduce hand fatigue during prolonged use. The blades are also constructed for precision. Available in four designs, each nipper is carefully crafted to accommodate different holds and nipping preferences.  
Nipper X
Nipper L 
Nipper S
Nipper D

cuore nippers best

Ablliz Afing Afong Sponge Picker Set
If you’re looking for an easy way to create ombre and aura nails, you need the Ablliz Afing Afong Sponge Picker Set which contains a picker for comfortable hold and perfectly sized sponges to easily work on nails. Achieve refined gradient effects with more control and precision. The sponges contain tight pores for an airbrush-like effect without the mess, hassle, or airborne particles. 

ombre aura nails sponge picker korean nails


Doi Marbly Set
You’ll want the Doi Marbly Set (Clear + White) if you’re looking to create subtle white watercolor-like painted effects on nails. This set can also be used to create white marble designs or delicate ribbon-like strokes across the nails. Use marbly white to paint your desired designs and use marbly clear to dilute color.

doi marbly white marble nail art designs


DVOK Zero Matte TOP
If you love creating nail art designs with chrome, the DVOK Zero Matte Top offers more than just a smooth matte finish for a softened nail look. This matte top coat acts as an excellent base for isolated chrome designs. Once fully cured, the matte layer serves as an ideal surface that prevents unwanted particles of chrome dust from sticking on the nail. Simply dust away excess chrome, revealing a clean chrome design. DVOK gels are HEMA-Free and 13-free.

chrome designs nail art dvok matte top coat best


Yogurt Nail Tanghulu (complete set or #42 & #50)
The Yogurt Nail Tanghulu set contains 10 super glassy syrup gel polishes with high shine and bright color payoff. The color options contain a beautiful color palette that suits the fall and winter season with a glassy shine, resembling sweet Tanghulu candied fruit snacks. These unique formulas are buildable. Achieve a transparent jelly look with one coat or a translucent to opaque look with two or more coats of color. We highly recommend #42 Strawberry and #50 Black Sapphire as red and black syrup gels are not as common nudes and pinks when it comes to syrup gels. 

yogurt nail tanghulu syrup gels

Jello Jello One Kill Remover + Peel Off Base Set
The Jello Jello One Kill Remover + Peel Off Base Set is nail DIYers’ favorite peel off base set for easy self-removal and frequent nail look changes, eliminating the mess, supplies, and extra steps of traditional removal. Whether you love wearing gel manicures or soft gel extensions such as Gel-X tips, removal can be quick and effortless with the Jello Jello One Kill Remover and Peel Off Base Set.

jello jello peel off base coat


JIN.B Crazy Top Gels
JIN.B Crazy Top Gels are among the most popular and favorite top gels in South Korea due to their various uses such as encapsulation, creating 3D nail art, and more. Read our blog post to learn more about these must-haves and their capabilities, and add them to your shopping cart for Black Friday to stock up.

jin.b crazy top gels korean gels

MORE Art Liquid Collections
The MORE Art Liquid Collections contain art liquid colors with an air-dry formula that make them fun and easy-to-use inks for painting nail art designs. You’ll definitely want the whole collection for a variety of colors to create abstract painted nail art! Read our blog post to learn more about the MORE gel brand and art liquids. 
MORE Art Collection 2
MORE Art Collection 3

more liquid art

Proclaimed as “the easiest nail extension in the world,” DIAMI tips are designed with consideration of natural nail structure. The DIAMI nail extension application method requires minimal to no filing to create ultra natural nail extensions. DIAMI tips come in a variety of shapes, lengths and designs to choose from. Refer to our blog post to learn more about how to apply DIAMI tips and see all the tip options available. 
You’ll also need the DIAMI Base & Clear Gel to apply the tips. This gel is also excellent for gel overlays as it self-levels nicely. 


diami tips gel x soft gel extension

DVOK Marblefit 
If you don’t already know, DVOK Marblefit is THE collection for all your marble nail art dreams. The collection comes with ten colors and one Marblefit base. The base and the specially designed brushes make creating marble and abstract nail art easily achievable with minimal supplies and steps. 

dvok marblefit


Be sure to add these popular and favorite nail goods to your cart for a convenient Black Friday purchase for sweet deals. We’ve only covered the surface of our extensive range of nail goods. Explore our other additional hundreds of Korean gels and nail products and add your favorites to your cart for Black Friday deals because it is the best time to get the nail goods you’ve been wanting!

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