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Elevate Your Nail Game With JIN.B Crazy Top Gels

08 Nov 2023 1 comment
jin.b crazy top gels

If you’re looking for a nail product that will elevate your nail game, JIN.B Crazy Top gels are highly beloved and a must-have for any nail artist. 
JIN.B Crazy Top gels come in three different types: soft, standard, and thick. Each type has a different viscosity. Simply put, viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. In the context of gels, viscosity indicates the thickness of a gel. Higher viscosity means the gel is thicker with a slower flow while low viscosity indicates the gel is thinner and more runny. 

As self-leveling and non-wipe top gel formulas, JIN.B Crazy Top gels also boast a non-yellowing clarity and can serve a number of purposes in addition to providing a glossy and protective finish.
Some Ways JIN.B Crazy Top Gels Can Be Used

Top Coat
Although all three formulas can function as a non-wipe top gel, the soft type is best suited for a go-to top gel as it has the lowest viscosity. It will self-level quicker than the other Crazy Top gel types, allowing for a smooth even top coat. If you’re seeking a harder finish, the standard type will also work for a top coat, but will self-level slower than the soft type. Despite which gel type you use as the last step, all three types will provide a clear and scratch–resistant finish to preserve the longevity of gel polish and nail art work.

The standard and thick gel types will be most suitable for encapsulation. Standard type works well to encapsulate hand painted nail art or stickers, while thick type is excellent for encapsulating add-ons that tend to stick out, such as shell parts or glitter. Floating a layer of the thick gel type over your pressed glitter or other add-ons will provide a smooth and even finish without bumps and irregularities. As these formulas are non-wipe, it saves you the extra step of needing to apply a top coat.

Attaching and Securing Nail Parts
Thick gel is also excellent for adhering rhinestones and other larger nail parts, such as charms and crystals. To attach nail parts to the nail, use a short liner brush or dotting tool to apply a dollop of thick gel on the nail where you want to place your nail part. Place your nail part on the dollop of gel, gently pressing it down. Adjust the position of the nail part to the exact desired place. Add other nail parts if necessary. Work intentionally and promptly as the nail parts may move slightly as the gel begins to self-level. Flash cure for 10-15 seconds to hold the nail parts in place as you work on the other nails. When finished applying all nail parts to all five nails of one hand, fully cure for 60 seconds under LED light or 120 seconds for UV light.

To secure clusters of larger parts, use a liner brush with standard gel type and apply the gel around the nail parts and on the spaces between parts to secure them in place. For smaller clusters or small parts, use a thin liner brush with soft gel type to do the same. This process will help secure your nail parts in place. Be careful not to get Crazy Top gel on the face of rhinestones, gems, or crystals as it will cover the facets of the pieces and minimize its reflective properties. 

3D Lines and Shapes
JIN.B Crazy Top thick type can also be used to create 3D lines and shapes. On the nail, paint lines or shapes using a pigmented gel color. After fully curing the painted design, use a liner brush to apply thick gel by laying it over the painted lines or shapes. Make sure to flash cure each line or shape application before laying thick gel over a new line or shape to prevent self-leveling. The top gel will gradually spread out without flash curing it in place. This method will create 3D lines and shapes with a glassy effect.

Texture can also be created with thick gel type. Paint 3D shapes and lines over the top coat to create wavy textures, abstract shapes, lines, or other 3D designs. This method can be used to create seashell nails or clear droplets. 

Chrome Designs and Accents
Thick gel can also be used to create chrome designs and accents. After top coat, use thick gel to paint the desired design. Cure for 30-40 seconds depending on the thickness of Crazy Top gel application. Rub chrome over thick gel design. Use a brush to gently dust away excess chrome powder. Using top gel, lightly encapsulate chrome design using a thin liner brush. This will emphasize the raised texture created by the thick gel. Another option is to fully top the design with a layer of soft type to fully encapsulate the chrome design. 

Another technique for creating with Crazy Top thick and chrome is to apply a top coat and flash cure for 10 seconds. Use the thick type to paint lines or shapes on the surface of the nail and cure for about 30 seconds. Then rub chrome over the entire nail and finish with the soft type top coat to create a textured chrome nail. 

Mixing Glitter
Standard gel is a great option to use when mixing loose glitter with small particles . Scoop out a small amount of standard gel onto a clean surface. Lightly tap loose glitter over standard gel and mix together. Use a brush to apply glitter mixture on the nail.  

Available in both bottle and jar options, JIN.B Crazy Top gels are versatile nail products that you’ll reach for again and again in your daily nail artistry. Click below to stock up on these nail art staples. 

JIN.B Crazy Top Gels - Jar
Tiara Crazy Top Gel (Thick) - Bottle
Tiara Crazy Top Gel (Standard) - Bottle
Tiara Crazy Top Gel (Thin) - Bottle
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1 comment

01 Dec 2023 Antonia Dearing
I just started to do my own nails I been trying to buy alot of products from korea and finally I found you in Canada I am so happy exited to begin my collections. Please keep me inform of all products. I am so excited and may I become one of your new customers. I really appreciated it. Mrs. Dearing

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