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How to Apply DIAMI Canoe Nail Tips

17 Oct 2023 0 Comments

DIAMI Canoe tips, nail extension systemAre you looking to add length to your nails? DIAMI Canoe System, one of the first nail extension systems created and widely used in South Korea, offers an easy way to create ultra natural and beautiful nail extensions with minimal to no filing needed. DIAMI tips come in a variety of shapes, lengths, and finishes including clear, pre-buffed, and gradation (ombré) for convenience and creating versatile nail looks.

DIAMI Canoe tips, nail extensions

Follow along as we show how to achieve natural-looking, lightweight, and beautiful extended nails using clear DIAMI Canoe Tips.

DIAMI Canoe tips

What You’ll Need:
DIAMI Canoe Tips (We’re using the Clear Slim & Perfect Canoe Tips)
DIAMI Feel So Good Base & Clear Gel
DIAMI Glass Top Non-wipe Top Gel
Fine grit buffer
Alcohol wipes (or cleansing alcohol and lint free wipes

You May Also Need:
DIAMI Pincure
DIAMI Pincure Standing Holder
Gel lamp


Nail clipper
Medium grit file

DIAMI Canoe tips, DIAMI Glass Top, DIAMI Feel So Good

1. Trim or file the natural nails short. (Tip: Leave a small amount of natural length. The free-edge of the natural nail will protect the skin at your fingertips from gel as you apply the soft gel tips later.)

2. Lightly buff the surface of the natural nails with a fine grit buffer to remove shine. Clean the surface of the nails with an alcohol or cleansing wipe to remove oil and dust.

3. Size the soft gel tips to the natural nails, making sure the tips cover the natural nail from sidewall to sidewall.

(Tip: When sizing and applying the tips to the natural nails during application, do not apply the tip at the base of the natural nail. Instead, apply the tip about 3mm above the base of the nail. Applying the tips at the base of the nail will leave a gap between the nail tip and the natural nail. Applying the tip a bit above the nail base will ensure the nail tip is flush against the natural nail when applied.

4. Apply a thin layer of the DIAMI Feel So Good Strong Nail Base & Balancing Clear Gel to the natural nails. Be careful to not get gel on the skin. If gel does get on the skin, clean off the gel immediately with a cleansing wipe.

5. Working with one nail at a time, apply a thin layer of Feel So Good gel to the underside of the nail tip at the base, applying gel only on the portion that will be covering the natural nail. Be careful to not apply too much gel on the nail tip to avoid overflow of gel during application.

6. Next, apply the nail tip at a 45 degree angle about 3 mm above the base of the natural nail, pressing the nail tip downward towards the free-edge of the natural nail. Flash cure using the DIAMI Pincure Lamp for 10 seconds while holding the nail tip down firmly.

7. After applying all of the tips on one hand, fully cure for 30 seconds if using LED light or 1 minute for UV light.

8. After a full cure, apply one coat of the DIAMI Glass Top Non-wipe top coat to the underside of the nail tips and fully cure. This will help prevent dust and debris from sticking to the underside of the nails and also conceals the size number that is embossed on the nail tip.

9. Next, apply a layer of the Feel So Good gel starting from the base of the natural nails to the free-edge of the tips. This layer of gel will cover the ridge of the soft gel tip base to create a seamless coverage and smooth base for color.

10. Next, apply gel polish color, add designs, and apply top gel for a finished look.

Applying soft gel tips has never been easier when using the DIAMI Canoe System with this application method. Try it out for a flawless extended nail look! Be sure to check out the various DIAMI soft gel tips and other related DIAMI products linked below and available at Sweetie Nail Supply.

Shop from our selection of products from the DIAMI Canoe System:

Series 1: Canoe Tips
DIAMI Canoe Nail Tip Extensions (Clear and Peach)

Special Series: Canoe Gra Tips
DIAMI Canoe Gradation Tips (Cream & Beige)
DIAMI Canoe Gradation Tips (Sweet Pink & Violet)
DIAMI Canoe Gradation Tips (Coral Pink & Mama Red)
DIAMI Canoe Gradation Tips (Pink Brown & Blue Gray)

Series 2: Canoe Corn Tips
DIAMI Corn Tip Extensions (Clear and Peach)

Series 3: Easy Full Tips
DIAMI Easy Full Tip Extensions (Oval and Round)

Series 4: Canoe Square Tips
DIAMI Canoe Square Tip Extensions (Slim Short) 
DIAMI Canoe Square Tip Extensions (Slim Long) 

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DIAMI Pincure Standing Holder
DIAMI Base & Clear Gel Feel So Good
DIAMI Glass Top Non-wipe

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