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Brand Spotlight: MORE

31 Oct 2023 0 Comments

more gelAt Sweetie Nail Supply, we are committed to bringing you the latest and best Korean nail products highly regarded by nail professionals. Among the latest Korean nail brands, one brand has been creating a sensation in the Korean nail market, as it offers refreshing nail products that yield optimal and satisfying results. Packaged in minimalist and tastefully designed bottles and boxing, MORE (also MORE Gel) creates nail products with expertise, keen color sense, and easy usability. Upon release, MORE’s Art Liquid collections have sold out multiple times in South Korea, proving this visionary brand knows just what nail artists need. 

MORE began in September 2022 with its debut launch of the MORE Natural Collection, a gel polish collection consisting of beautiful glassy syrup gels in ten nude and blush colors, which quickly sold out shortly after its release. Five months later, the brand introduced a new product, its first Art Liquid Collection consisting of ten air-dry ink colors that can be used to paint nail designs and art. MORE’s Art Liquid Collection gained such immense popularity in South Korea that it sold out on multiple occasions. The usability, versatility, and rich colors of Art Liquid inks make them a fundamental favorite for nail artists. The successful launch of its initial products reveal that MORE brings a distinctive offering to the nail art market.

The products at MORE are designed by brand manager, Jina Lee, who received her cosmetology education in Japan. Lee has worked in Germany as a nail artist and also has ten years of experience working in Korean nail salons. MORE’s CEO, Hye-eun Song, has over ten years of experience operating a nail product distribution business in South Korea and has a perceptive understanding of what nail artists need as well as what nail products are popular. Together, the culmination of both Lee and Song’s experiences and expertise shaped MORE, making the brand what it currently is.

When asked what is the meaning behind the brand name, Lee describes MORE as a comparative adjective in the phrase “more than…,” stating that “there are many nail brands and products, but what you need the most is ‘MORE,’ which will be better than anything else.” Lee wants nail artists to experience nail products that are good quality and comfortable to use and customers to experience healthier nails with better products.  

In the creation of its products, MORE prioritizes naturalness the most. Lee creates colors that naturally complement various skin tones, avoiding anything too colorful or flashy that might not suit everyone. MORE colors are also thoughtfully selected to create a harmonious blend across all its collections, ensuring that the colors naturally complement one another. 

more gel rustic ruby

For MORE, naturalness also encompasses healthy nail products that are ergonomically comfortable to use. Aspects of bottle packaging such as brush applicator handle length and bottle shape are decided based on functionality and what would be most comfortable for the user rather than mere aesthetic. MORE brushes are custom-designed to complement MORE’s gel formulation and are manufactured by a renowned American company with values grounded on innovation, technological development, and sustainability. Other aspects of MORE products are predominantly made in South Korea at a manufacturing facility with skilled professionals that specialize in nail products, using cosmetic grade and raw materials. By manufacturing their products domestically, they can provide their customers with greater confidence. If you’re familiar with Korean beauty products, they are created with high quality standards that also translates to satisfying results for both domestic and global customers.

In South Korea, the nail product market is highly saturated and competitive, often referred to as a “red ocean.” Lee mentions that “new products pour out every month. Maybe every day.” However, MORE’s mission is to enhance and perfect upon released products rather than focus too much on product innovation, believing that there’s always room for improvement when it comes to nail products. MORE seeks to make nail products even better. Customer feedback is highly valued as it can provide insight into how to enhance convenience for the user and how to improve the overall experience when using MORE products. So far, their customer feedback has been incredibly positive as demonstrated by the high demand of MORE nail products in South Korea.

more gel sepia collection

Currently, MORE has already released its fourth gel polish collection, Sepia, consisting of  beautiful syrup gel colors suitable for both fall and winter. MORE’s third collection of Art Liquids included an upgraded formulation, embodying MORE’s commitment to continually improve nail products. The Art Liquid Metal Collection is the brand’s most recent Art Liquid release, and was created with ultra-fine particles made from German metal materials.

more gel art liquid

With consistent quality and notable releases, MORE has established its presence as the next “it” nail brand. We are excited to offer positively received MORE products at Sweetie Nail Supply and highly recommend any of its collections to add to your nail supplies. Check them out and be sure to grab them before they’re gone! 

Gel Polish Sets
MORE Natural Collection
MORE Dear Spring 
MORE Favorite
MORE Sepia 

Art Liquid Sets 
Art Liquid 
Art Liquid II
Art Liquid III 
Art Liquid Metal Collection

Other Gels
Glitter Gel
Nonwipe Liner Gel (Black)

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