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Create Effortless Marble Patterns and Abstract Nail Art Designs With DVOK MarbleFit Collection

22 Nov 2023 2 Comments
dvok marblefit collection marble nail art design korean gels

The organic veining and unique swirls of marble patterns provide an elevated aesthetic that adds extravagance to anything it surfaces. When it comes to nail art, marble patterns offer a beautiful and timeless effect that’s widely suitable for various factors. While marble nail art can be created using several different methods, most of the common existing methods require multiple colors along with different products and tools. If marble is not something you’ve tried before, the technique of each method also requires a bit of practice to get it just right. However, South Korean nail brand DVOK has refined the process of creating marble nail art into an easily achievable three-step system with their MarbleFit collection.

Designed to make the process of creating nail art quick, easy, and high-quality, the DVOK MarbleFit collection includes one base gel and ten deep gel colors for marbling. Each gel color bottle comes with a uniquely designed slim applicator brush to easily create delicate strokes for a marble-like effect, eliminating the need for additional art brushes. 

dvok marblefit applicator brush nail art

DVOK’s streamlined process for creating marble designs and abstract nail art requires simply applying the MarbleFit base gel on the nails without curing. The base gel helps the gel color spread, similar to that of a blooming gel, but with a much lower viscosity. Next, choose the desired color from the collection and with the lightest touch, use the applicator brush to paint the desired pattern into the base gel. The gel color will flow across the nail surface and areas with less gel color will gradually dissipate, resulting in a beautiful marble pattern. Once satisfied with the pattern, fully cure and top coat for an effortless finished marble look. 

Although this collection was specially designed to make marble nail art an ease, the method can be used to create limitless nail art including a smoky effect, gradients, tie-dye patterns, and other abstract patterns and shapes, truly allowing nails to be a canvas for unique art. 

marble nail art tutorial
dvok marblefit nail art

In the instance of servicing clients, the DVOK MarbleFit collection saves time by streamlining the nail art design process and minimizing the need for multiple products, tools, and steps. While this is beneficial to professionals, the collection was also created with beginners in mind. The simplified marbling method allows beginners to easily achieve professional results and limitless nail art beyond marble patterns with just one kit. The DVOK MarbleFit collection offers achievable high-quality results with efficiency and ease, fully embodying DVOK’s brand mission and values. 

Fairly new to the Korean nail industry, DVOK launched in June of 2022, with its name standing as an acronym for Divine Value of Kalon. DVOK aims to establish itself as a free, creative, and healthy brand by creating a healthy nail system using healthy cosmetic ingredients for creative artists—both beginners and professionals alike. 

DVOK’s gel formulas are HEMA-free, Di-HEMA-free, and cruelty-free, making its products hypoallergenic and user-friendly for beginners and DIYers and high quality for professional salon use. Its product development and designs are based on extensive salon experience and the creativity of the best nail artists in South Korea. With the goal of transcending trends, DVOK encourages free and creative expression on the canvas of nails with its premium quality products serving as tools for artists to explore their creativity and nail artistry. 

The DVOK MarbleFit collection makes it convenient to create beautiful marble nail art designs as well as explore other nail art possibilities. Awake the artist in you, elevate your nail art capabilities, and grow your gel collection with the DVOK MarbleFit collection.

How To Use the MarbleFit Collection to Create Nail Art:

(Prep nails and apply your choice of base coat and gel color if desired. Fully cure according to product manufacturer’s instructions.)

1. Apply a thin layer of the MarbleFit Base Gel. Do not cure.dvokmarblefit marble nail art tutorial how to

2. Select your MarbleFit gel color. Lightly touch the base gel layer with the gel color applicator and gently guide the color with the brush to create veining for a marble design or other desired shapes. When satisfied with the design, fully cure for 60 seconds.
dvok marblefit marble nail art tutorial how todvok marblefit marble nail art tutorial how to

3. Apply top coat and fully cure.dvok marblefit marble nail art tutorial how to

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01 Dec 2023 Jo

I want it !!!

01 Dec 2023 Jasmine Sur
I would like to know the price. Thank you

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