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How To Remove Soft Gel Full Coverage Tip Extensions

08 May 2024 0 Comments

Soft Gel Full Coverage Tip Extensions such as DIAMI tip extensions and Gel-X, can be a great way to add length and protection to the natural nails. However, when it comes to removing soft gel tip extensions, damage to the natural nails can result if not removed with care and the appropriate steps. Soft gel tip extensions, as well as any other nail enhancements, should never be peeled or lifted off of the natural nails. Removing soft gel tip extensions require care and patience to avoid damage to the natural nails. 

If you have any nail parts, stones, or other nail embellishment pieces, use clippers to manually loosen and remove the parts or use a parts removal bit, if using an e-file.

To remove soft gel tip extensions, begin by clipping down the tips. If the nails are too thick, file the surface of the nails so that the tips can be clipped. If you want to maintain the new growth of your natural nails, clip the tips at the point where the new natural nail growth ends. Otherwise, clip the tips down to your desired length.

Using a 100 grit coarse nail file, gently file off the top layer to break the surface. File down the bulk of the remaining gel product, leaving only the base gel or a thin layer of gel remaining on the natural nails. This is to prevent overfilling and damage to the natural nails while removing as much product as possible to allow the acetone to penetrate and break down the gel product. For this process, use long diagonal strokes to remove as much product as possible, allowing the file to do the work for you. Start at the base of the nails moving the file downward towards the free edge of the nails. This part is the most time-consuming step of the removal process. However, doing this step with care and patience is important to help prevent damage to the skin around the nails. 

If using an e-file, you will need a medium grit removal bit or a mandrel with a medium grit sanding band. At about 15,000-25,000 rpm, start near the base of the nails and work the e-file towards the free edge, removing product with the mandrel or bit in a downward direction away from the base of the nails. If the e-file is catching on the nails, you most likely will need to use a higher speed. The e-file should glide across the nail, removing product smoothly. Use continuous gentle strokes to prevent heat spikes on the nails. To remove product near the skin, use the e-file at a low speed between 5,000-8,000 rpm as the product will be thinner.

YOGO Mango Pudding Off Bit

Once the bulk of the gel product is removed, use removal foils with cotton pads for soak-off. Soak the cotton pad on the foil with acetone. Wrap each nail in removal foil one at a time. Let the nails soak for 15-20 minutes. 

After 15-20 minutes. With light pressure on the foil and pressing against the nail, twist and pull off the foil to remove as much of the broken down product as possible. 

Use a triangle removal tool or orange wood stick to gently remove any of the remaining gel. Repeat for all fingers. If there are remaining bits of gel remaining, use a fine grit buffer to buff off any remaining bits of gel left on the natural nail. 

Wash hands with soap and water to remove gel product dust and debris. 

Apply oil and lotion to rehydrate and moisturize the nails and hands.

You can apply a nail hardener or continue with another nail enhancement application.

With care in removal, nail enhancements such as soft gel tip extensions can be worn and removed as frequently as desired without damaging the natural nails. 

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