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E-file Bits and Their Uses

29 Apr 2024 0 Comments

If there is a way to shorten the time it takes to do nails, it is through the use of an electric file (e-file) and nail bits. At Sweetie Nail Supply, we offer a selection of professional-grade e-file bits which can significantly help reduce time and effort when used with an e-file machine. An e-file not only speeds up your workflow, but also lessens the strain on your wrist and hand, which is particularly favorable if you provide nail services and work on multiple hands a day. To ensure efficiency and safety, it is crucial to understand which e-file bits to use and at what speeds. This knowledge is important to prevent damage to the natural nails and enhance the overall efficiency of nail preparation and removal processes. In this post, we will go over a few selections of our e-file bits, their uses, and the suitable speeds to use them.

It is useful to understand the basics of e-file speeds and how different speeds can impact the nails to prevent over-filing, prevent overheating, while safely and efficiently accomplish nail care procedures. The speed of an e-file is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM) and indicates the number of times the e-file bit makes a complete rotation in one minute. E-file machines vary in RPM capacity, typically ranging from 0 RPM to 35,000 RPM. Investing in a machine that has a wide range in speed and indicates or displays the speed allows more customized control of exactly how fast or slow your bit is rotating. Using too low of a speed may result in little impact, which can elongate your time and require more pressure that may generate heat on the nails. Operating at excessively high speeds can lead to issues like overfilling and heating. By selecting the appropriate e-file bits and using them at the appropriate speed range, you can accomplish a variety of tasks efficiently. These include buffing the natural nail plate, shaping nail enhancements, and removing product bulk, each of which demands a distinct speed range and type of e-file bit.

More powerful machines can have more impact at lower speeds, allowing you to work at a lower speed, while other machines that have less power may require working at higher speeds with coarser bits for more impact. Attaining training and lots of practice in using the e-file machine of your choice will help you become proficient in handling and utilizing it to efficiently prep the nails, refine nail enhancements, or remove them. Although some e-file machines will typically include a mandrel bit for sanding bands, you will likely need other bits for specific purposes and more detailed work.

Nail e-file bits come in many different options that vary in shape, size, grit, and material they are made of. Diamond bits are made from natural and synthetic diamond particles that are adhered to the surface of the bit. These bits will typically be fine to medium grit and can be used to remove dead skin and prep the natural nail plate at lower speeds. Carbide bits are made of carbide metal, which makes them long-lasting. They also have flute-like grooves on the surface to help take off product when used to file. Larger spaces between the flutes offer a coarser grit while smaller spaces provide a finer grit. Ceramic bits are made of zirconia ceramic and do not generate as much heat as carbide bits. They are also corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. The different types of materials and abrasiveness vary based on the bit’s intended purpose. Having a wide range of different nail bits will help you efficiently accomplish nail care from nail preparation to finishing as well as removal. 

The Nailbayo Bit set is a great comprehensive set to add to your nail supplies because it contains six e-file bits for all your basic nail procedures. Suitable for nail preparation, refining nail enhancements, and removal, these bits can be used in both rotations, for left or right-handed users. These bits can be purchased as a set or individually:

Bayo Bit 1 is a diamond flame bit suitable for lifting and removing dead skin from the nail plate during natural nail prep. This bit should be used at about 5000-8000 rpm.

Bayo Bit 2 is a diamond cone bit suitable for removing and exfoliating dead skin on the sides of the nail during nail prep. This nail bit can be used on nails with surrounding thin and sensitive skin due to its rounded head feature. This bit should be used at about 5000-8000 rpm.

Bayo Bit 3 is a versatile sanding carbide bit that can be used to remove the base gel layer. It can also be used for cuticle removal and gently exfoliating rough calluses on the sides of the nail. For natural nail prep, this bit should be used at 5000-8000 rpm while higher speeds of 7000-12000 rpm may be necessary for base gel removal. Removing base gel with this bit eliminates the need for acetone soak off.

Bayo Bit 4 is a tapered carbide bit suitable for removing gel securing 3D charms and stones to loosen them at 8000-12000 rpm. This bit can also be used for precise cuticle removal near the nail folds at 5000-8000 rpm.

Bayo Bit 5 is a medium grit bit that is suitable for filing off soft gel and glitter gel. The rounded edge feature makes this bit beginner-friendly. This bit should be used at about 7000-12000 rpm.

Bayo Bit 6 is a coarse barrel bit that removes the bulk of soft gel, hard gel, gel overlays, glitter gel, and 3D gel nail art. The rounded edge feature allows for easy and quick removal. This bit should be used at about 7000-12000 rpm.

If you are looking for durable safety bits with low vibration and minimal heat generation, check out our selection of YOGO Mango Bits. These pure ceramic bits have a rounded head as a safety feature, allowing you to get as close to the nail folds as possible for precision without damage to skin or nail bed.

Gel Off Bit removes soft gel, gel overlays, glitter gel, 3D gel shapes, (~10000 -15000 rpm)

Cuticle Up Bit
lifts up the cuticles without pain (~5000-8000 rpm)

Loose Skin CLEAN Bit removes loose skin (~5000-8000 rpm)

All-in-one Eraser Bit
gently removes loose skin and side wall calluses without any irritation (~5000-8000 rpm)

Parts Bit contains a sharp point for removing thick gel between nail parts for easy removal (~10000-15000 rpm)

These pure ceramic bits should not be UV-ray disinfected as the UV-rays can alter the physical properties of the bits, making them more prone to breakage. Instead, an ultrasonic cleaner is recommended for disinfecting these bits along with brushing off debris on the bits using a cleaning brush.

Investing in a variety of durable e-file nail bits with specific purposes is crucial for nail technicians aiming to deliver high-quality services and DIYers who want to cut down their time on nail prep and removal. By having a well-rounded collection of e-file bits, doing nails can be tackled efficiently, empowering you to provide comprehensive, professional, and safe services as a nail professional, or achieve clean beautiful DIY nail results that are photo-worthy. 

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