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Brand Spotlight: The Favori

18 Apr 2024 0 Comments

Sweetie Nail Supply brings you the trendiest, most highly praised, and high quality nail products from South Korea and other Asian nail industries. In this blog post, we are highlighting one of our latest brand additions, The Favori, a Japanese gel brand pairing the elements of high quality gels made in Tokyo, Japan with the visually pleasing aesthetics of Korean design and specializes in offering nuance nail art products. 

Nuance nail art is a style that goes beyond a single color nail look and refrains from being bold in appearance or overly embellished. Instead, nuance nails encompass creative abstract expression and artistic nails with subtle variations or “nuances” that convey an emotion or overall mood. The subtle differences in each nail is created through variations in color placement, texture, painting techniques, and the application of nail parts. The blending and layering of harmonious colors, the building of texture, and creation of depth are all elements that make nuance nails an understated yet chic nail style with an organic feel. 

Although there are really no rules to creating nuance nails, typical characteristics of this art style entail using nature-like colors such as beiges, greens, blues, whites, and even metallics, or other muted colors, with layering and blending techniques to create abstract compositions on each nail. No two nail designs are the same. Popularized and widely embraced in Japan, the appeal of nuance nails have also made its impression on other nail industries, including South Korea, and is emerging as one of the most prominent nail trends. Embodying the essence of nuance nails, The Favori offers nail products with all the ideal features for creating nuance nails.

Based in South Korea and registered as a safe Japanese gel brand in Japanese cosmetics, The Favori was established in 2020 and has since been consistently releasing high quality collections of potted Japanese gels and editions of nail inks, as well as other nail art products and tools, for creating nuance nails and other artistic nails. The Favori’s The Muse Ink Collection, a wide offering of nail inks, is credited to be the original spark of the ink nail craze, as the brand offers one of the largest selections of nail ink options in the market. 

The brand has collaborated with numerous popular nuance nail artists from both Japan and South Korea to offer special collections and editions of potted gels, nail inks, as well as nail art seminars. Each gel collection and and ink edition comes in elevated and eco-friendly paperboard packaging marked by a clean and minimalist design for a chic presentation and deliverance of the brand’s natural and basic motifs, reflecting the brand’s aim to deliver products that will serve as natural, basic, and true colors that not only pair well with each other, but also become favorite staples in creating artistic and nuance nail art. The well-thought-out packaging design makes for a luxurious and unforgettable unboxing experience that precedes impressive nail art gels and inks that will yet be used to create unforgettable nail design. 

The Favori gels come in pots for convenient nail art brush access and gel product pick-up, a common feature of high quality and true-to-color Japanese gels. This feature allows the artist to have more control over how much product is on the brush for lighter or deeper color application. When it comes to potted gels, a small amount goes a long way. Color lightness and depth can be created depending on the amount of product on the brush, making gradation and marbling designs, commonly seen in nuance nails, easily attainable with blending techniques.

At Sweetie Nail Supply, we are pleased to offer The Favori The Made Collection Ver.II, a gel collection in collaboration with South Korean nail artist, Jenny, that contains ten smooth and creamy earth tone colors. These gels are highly viscous or non-flowing and are unique in that they are a non-wipe matte formula which means they do not leave an inhibition layer after curing and do not require a top coat. This allows for the option of having a textured matte finish for an artistic effect. These Favori gel colors can be applied thinly for smooth color or more thickly for a textured result that resembles that of an oil painting. These features make this collection a befitting addition to any artist’s collection and especially fitting for creating nuance nails.

If you are looking for unique metallic gel options, The Favori Nuance Metallic Texture Gels come in gold, bronze, and silver and can be used alone or paired with other colors for a rustic mood. These gels are non-flowing and result in a non-wipe, grainy, and cement-like texture after curing, adding depth and variety for a nuanced feel. 

Notably, The Favori The Muse Ink Collection Nude Muted Edition ink gels are a must-try for anyone wanting to create nuance nails. This collection contains five neutral ink colors that can be easily used as a base color. They also pair nicely with each other and with The Favori gels. The Favori The Metallic Ink Collection offers seven metallic color ink options with a mysterious mood and are great for achieving a chrome-like effect without the powdery mess. The Favori Muse Inks must be shaken thoroughly prior to use. They do not require curing after application and air dry instead. Top gel should be applied and fully cured for a protective finish.

If you are looking for unique nail art products to start or add to your collection, check out The Favori for elevated and high quality options that are ideal for creating nuance nails and other artistic nail designs. They will channel your creativity. Stay tuned as we add more The Favori products to our current offerings. As always, you can find our latest arrivals here.

Follow The Favori U.S. on Instagram for tutorials and nail art inspo using The Favori products.

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