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Create Tortoiseshell Nails Using Mostive Latte Syrup Gels

24 Oct 2023 0 Comments

mostive latte syrup gelsOrganic mottled markings and warm colors consisting of amber, brown, and black, make the tortoiseshell pattern a chic and timeless look as it commonly and befittingly makes a reappearance each fall season, especially on nails! Before diving into an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to create tortoiseshell patterned nails using Mostive syrup gels, let’s briefly explore the intriguing history of tortoiseshell.

This natural and beautiful pattern originally derived from the shells of tortoises and turtles, most notably the Hawksbill turtle and Loggerhead turtle, and was first used by ancient civilizations including the Greeks, Chinese, and Egyptians. Tortoiseshell was incorporated into decorative pieces, musical instruments, jewelry, and furniture. Its utilization among royalty and the wealthy upper class led tortoiseshell to become a symbol of prestige and opulence.

In the 1920s, tortoiseshell was used for eyewear frames, and became an iconic fashion statement. While the demand for tortoiseshell continued, the population of turtles, captured for acquiring tortoiseshell for material use, significantly declined.

In an intervention effort to preserve the endangered animal, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) banned the trade of tortoiseshell products internationally in the early 70s. Although the tortoiseshell trade gradually became discontinued, the timeless beauty of tortoiseshell carried on to be a desired look.

During the 80s, plastic and acetate technological advances allowed for tortoiseshell to be replicated synthetically. The synthetic tortoiseshell made it possible for the classic pattern to continue being used in eyewear and other fashion or decorative accessories without harming wildlife. 

The tortoiseshell pattern proves to be an enduring look that stands the test of time. As a successful pattern for fashion, the allure of tortoiseshell also makes for a sophisticated gel manicure which can be easily achieved using syrup gel colors from the Mostive Latte syrup gel set, as semi-transparent gel colors work best to create this pattern on nails.

The Mostive Latte set contains six syrup gel colors in black, brown, choco, white, orange, and red, making it a suitable collection to have for the fall season to create cozy semi-transparent one color manicures and other nail art designs. To create tortoiseshell nails, you will need the Mostive Latte syrup gels in black, brown, and orange.

Here’s how you can achieve tortoiseshell nails:

After prepping the nails and base coat application, apply one layer of MCS019 Orange. Cure for 60 seconds under UV/LED light.

Next, using MSCS017 Black, thinly apply circular splotches across the nail, leaving space between the splotches for the amber base to show through. Fully cure for 60 seconds.mostive latte syrup gel black

Apply another layer of Orange and cure for 60 seconds.mostive latte syrup gel orange tortoiseshell nails

Then add another layer of thin black splotches, slightly offsetting the splotches from the splotches of the first layer. This will create the mottled look of tortoiseshell. Fully cure for 60 seconds.mostive latte syrup gel black tortoiseshell nails
Next, apply one layer of MSC020 Brown. Cure layer.mostive latte syrup gel brown tortoiseshell nails

Finish with one coat of top gel for the completed look.mostive latte syrup gel colors tortoiseshell nailsThe combination of these Mostive Latte syrup gel colors are optimal for creating the classic tortoiseshell pattern on nails for a classic and sophisticated look. 

For personalization and adding edge, try using different colors as the base, such as the Mostive Latte Red or White syrup gel. Create variation by experimenting with the shape, size, and placement of the splotches. Add chrome lines, metallic foil, french lines, glitter, or use different solid colors as accent nails for a freshened tortoiseshell nail look.

Good luck! 

Add the Mostive Latte Syrup Gel Set to your gel collection:
Mostive Latte

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