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Brand Spotlight: BY MUSE

21 Feb 2024 0 Comments
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Introducing one of the latest Korean brands at Sweetie Nail Supply, BY MUSE, a specialized brand that focuses on delivering premium syrup gels and tint gels. A subsidiary brand of DGEL, BY MUSE was created to better meet the needs of nail artists through product differentiation by providing a niche offering of translucent and transparent color gels. The brand name “BY MUSE” embodies the will to put nail artists at the center of creativity and help them freely express themselves through color and design. 

Recently launched in Fall of 2023, BY MUSE marked its entrance in the Korean nail industry with the introduction of its BY MUSE Color Gel Polish Collection, consisting of 30 syrup gels and 10 tint gels in selected colors suitable for all seasons and various skin tones. The unique and diverse composition of colors in this collection provides nail artists with creative freedom to create nail art for various styles and moods, whether used for single color manicures, as a base for nail art, or for gradation nail art. The collection is subdivided into five color sets with each set containing eight colors in similar hues or tones. Each color comes in a luxurious color matching bottle with a golden metal trim around the bottleneck and front-facing golden embossed logo that exudes sophistication. The full collection comes with color cards in a design style reminiscent of Pantone color guide cards, a beautiful acrylic board, and nail tips for displaying nail color samples. The acrylic nail display board has a minimal and trendy design that makes it suitable for any nail room or salon setting. This comprehensive collection of premium gel colors makes it a viable choice for those looking for a full set of syrup gels to start or add to an existing gel polish collection. 

BY MUSE color gels are designed to meet the needs of nail artists by providing desirable opacity, color clarity, and consistency. When using BY MUSE syrup gels, users can achieve a milky translucent opacity, while BY MUSE tint gels offer a stained glass-like or jelly-like transparent opacity. To differentiate between the two gel types, syrup gels are labeled with the code “BS” before the gel color number, whereas tint gels are marked with the code “BT.” Regardless of the gel type, both syrup and tint gels deliver vivid color pay-off and visibility for satisfying results. Unlike other syrup gels where separation can sometimes occur, resulting in patchy or uneven gel application, the BY MUSE gel formulas maintain a uniform consistency for streak-free results. The gels are also self-leveling for smooth and even coverage without being too thick or too runny. This ideal consistency minimizes unwanted flowing or flooding during gel application, making the gels easy to work with and suitable for both novices and professional nail artists. In addition to these optimal gel qualities, BY MUSE gels are HEMA-free and 14-free.

To provide more possibilities for personalization and color expression, an additional six shades of red tint gels were released in Winter 2023 in the By Red Collection. As everyone’s vision of a red manicure may look different, this collection offers different shades of red options for various moods. A sense of mystery can be established with deep red colors such as BT.11 Rose Wood or BT.14 Red Barn or create a playful and flirty vibe with BT.12 Garnet or BT.13 Scarlet. Regardless of whatever mood or nail art style one desires to create, BY MUSE offers diverse color solutions. Just recently, the brand released its spring collection, Fairy Tale: Spring Garden Collection, consisting of eight bright pastel syrup gel colors, further adding to the brand’s wide selection of syrup gel colors.

by red gel, by muse gel, tint gel

If you are looking for syrup and tint gels in a wide color range, high quality gel formulation with desirable results, and visual consistency in gel bottle packaging for your nail art environment, consider BY MUSE. As a specialized brand that has already delivered an impressive selection of syrup and tint gels, we can expect to see more reliable, high quality, and buildable gel colors from BY MUSE in the near future.

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