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Brand Spotlight: Palette Carys

28 Feb 2024 0 Comments
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At Sweetie Nail Supply, we are expanding our offerings to include high quality gels and nail products from other Asian nail industries to provide nail artists with vast options to match diverse artistic styles in creating nail art and to encourage creative freedom. We are excited to present Palette Carys art gels and nail products, founded by the talented nail artist, nail educator, and brand owner, Carys. Carys received her training and nail certification in Japan and specializes in Japanese style nail art design. Much of the Palette Carys gels and nail products encompass Carys’ specialized nail art style. The name Palette Carys reflects the artist’s vision of painting emotions into nail art, where every hue reflects a feeling and every design tells a story. The brand embodies a classic and nostalgic vintage feel, inspired by Western retro 70s and 80s music and European oil painting artistry, while also blending inspirations from daily life into the brand’s overall visual style and products. 

Palette Carys gels are manufactured in Japan to match the brand’s nail artistry expectations and deliver the highest quality of gels to nail artists. Carys shares that the brand firmly believes in maintaining good and consistent product quality to foster long-term trust with customers. The Palette Carys gels come in small pots, a common feature of professional Japanese gels, which allow for more control, precision, and customization in gel application and nail art techniques. Since Palette Carys gels are an artist’s brand with a focus on blended nail art styles, potted gels allow for the ease of dipping nail brushes into the gel for various blended techniques, whereas bottled gels have a narrow opening and would need to be poured out. Being able to easily dip the brush into the gel pot allows the nail artist to control how much gel is on the brush to easily adjust the gel amount and color intensity when painting the nail. The gel pot is befitting as Palette Carys gels feel more like a paint rather than typical gel polish. Not a lot of gel is needed for color as a little bit of gel goes a long way. 

(Potted gels allow for ease of dipping brush into gel paint.)

(Color intensity can be built using more or less gel on the brush.)

Every Palette Carys gel color and collection is closely and carefully created and customized with the inspiration of music, art, and daily life to ensure that each shade reflects the brand’s artistic vision and that quality is never compromised. Palette Carys gels and nail art supplies are a direct reflection of the brand’s overall aesthetic style and the artist’s specialty in nuance nail art designs, creating a seamless cohesion between the brand, products, the artist, and artistry.

Although each Palette Carys gel collection has been very popular upon release, the 25 color Vintage Gel Collection is particularly noted to be suitable for novice nail artists for its wide range of colors that can be mixed and matched with one another. The collection was inspired by Carys’ love for collecting lipsticks and cosmetics. While noticing customers’ affinity for nude color shades, Carys thought it would be great to recreate favorite lipstick shades for nails and began the development of different gel colors and collections, focusing on shades that are suitable for Asian skin tones.

Overall, the various Palette Carys gel collections contain a cohesive mix of earth tones, jewel tones, natural nudes, subdued neutrals, and are muted or deep rather than bright and bold, selectively created and for a retro feel. Reminiscent of colors one would notice in classic oil paintings, Palette Carys gels offer a classic and timeless palette of colors for organic artistic expression.

Palette Carys originally began as a nail studio and product line in Bangkok, Thailand in 2019. However, at the height of the pandemic, Carys had to return to Taiwan, where she set up shop once again and established the Palette Carys Nail Studio in Taichung. The Bangkok branch remains as the main hub for product development and stock. 

Photo courtesy of Carys

At the Palette Carys Nail Studio, Carys creates beautiful nuance nail designs using Palette Carys products and her preferred techniques, which are blending and gradation. When asked how she comes up with ideas for nail designs, Carys shares, “I usually gather inspiration from a wide range of art images and current trends to create various styles. My designs are often extensions of these inspirations. Additionally, my creations are influenced by my current mood and emotions. I also gather many inspirations while traveling.” Carys’ personal favorite products that she often uses include the Crystal Gel Collections which allow for versatility and creating a glass-like translucent shine. These gels are great for single applications, blending, or layering to create gradient effects, and she highly recommends giving the Crystal Gel Collections a try.

After a decade in the nail industry, first as an apprentice and now a professional nail artist, Carys has witnessed increasing competition and experienced her fair share of challenges in the nail industry. When asked what advice she has for aspiring or beginner nail artists, Carys advises, “it's crucial to stay passionate and true to your style.” She leaves readers with a reminder that, “protecting and contributing positively to the overall nail industry is important. Also, don't let yourself be limited by boundaries. Exploring different avenues is essential for growth.” 

Whether nuance nails are your specialty or a nail art style you are looking to explore, Palette Carys gels and nail art products are the suitable essentials to help you freely express your nail art creativity. 

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