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Brand Spotlight: Yogurt Nail Korea

27 Jan 2024 0 Comments
yogurt nail blossom ending syrup gels

“A nail brand that aims for a classic and light mood and will inspire nail artists [with] the sensual color everyone wants” -Yogurt Nail Korea

yogurt gel bottle

Known for their clean and classic take on gel colors and beautifully curated gel collections, Yogurt Nail Korea began the launch of their brand with their Blossom Ending Collection in spring of 2022, drawing much admiration for the collection’s glossy blush and nude syrup gel colors. Taking on a clean and soft image like yogurt and focused on the possibility of crafting a variety of flavors and colors, much like the diverse toppings that can be put on yogurt, it was only natural that the brand named itself “Yogurt Nail,” producing gel polishes known as “Yogurt gel” with a smooth texture and soft finish like its source of inspiration.

yogurt nail korea blossom ending yogurt gel syrup gel korean gel

The launch of the brand’s first collection was shortly followed by the release of Yogurt Nail 1st Grosery [sic], an 80 color gel polish collection inspired by the concept of “a grocery store full of delicious and diverse ideas.” The collection contains a spectrum of classic and carefully selected solid colors for an essential color palette consisting of staples that nail artists will reach for over and over again. Yogurt Nail believes that its aim in creating high quality gel polishes and meaningful products that can be used for a long time is what will lead them in the industry. Yogurt gel formulas are praised for their ease of use, excellent self-leveling feature, and glossy finish, aligning with the brand’s vision of creating products that are readily accessible to everyone. 

When it comes to creating new products and collections, Yogurt Nail Korea understands what people want. Whether these desires are inspired from current trends as seen in dramas, fashion, K-pop, or other aspects in accordance with the times, the brand seeks and incorporates these desires into their products. The Yogurt Nail team continuously researches these desires and trends and with their best efforts, incorporates these desires into their product creations.

A clear example that reflects this principle is Yogurt Nail’s production of the Tanghulu Collection, which features beautiful glossy colors that evoke the vibrant colors of the sweet Chinese candied fruit snack skewers consisting of fruit encapsulated in a clear and glassy hardened sugar syrup coating. Tanghulu became a trending sensation in South Korea in early 2023 and online with people searching for and sharing content on making the snack, pretty and pleasant visuals of Tanghulu variations, or simply showing themselves enjoying Tanghulu with full ASMR through the sonically satisfying experience of crunching into its hard sugar coating exterior. 

Incorporating the popular trend into product creation, Yogurt Nail released the Tanghulu collection in the summer of 2023, featuring gels with rich semi-opaque color properties and a glossy finish that evoke the vibrant colors of Tanghulu. Aside from the gels’ fascinating colors and excellent self-leveling properties, a noteworthy feature of the Tanghulu gel formulas is that the colors do not bleed after being fully cured. The Tanghulu gels are also buildable, with the effects of one coat appearing as a color tint, two coats appearing as a translucent jelly gel color, and three coats giving more color pay-off. 

Syrup gels and solid colors aren’t the only creations of this pop culture trend conscious and consumer-centric brand. The Glass Bead Collection is a delightful collection of magnetic glitter gels with a beam of iridescence. The result appears as if an iridescent powder is used on top of magnetic glitter gel. However, it is all achieved through application of a single gel formula. With the keen discernment in the compilation of colors for the Glass Bead collection which includes hues in blue, purple, brown, and pink, nail artists can implement gel colors of this collection year round for a variety of nail looks.

yogurt nail korea glass bead collection magnetic glitter gels korean gels

Yogurt gels are a prime choice for their clean and soft colors which can be well-paired with other colors, compliment a variety of skin tones, and be continuously and easily used by nail artists. Yogurt Nail Korea plans to not only focus on gel products but also venture into other areas. The brand is confident that their steps into the beauty market and not just in the nail market, will be significant.

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