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Brand Spotlight: BonnieBee

12 Jan 2024 0 Comments

uruuru sheet, aurora nails, satin powder, bonniebee, nuance chip,Nail art is an exciting way to elevate your style and uniquely express your personality. Creating distinguished and elevated nail art requires going beyond the standard single gel polish color. Incorporating other materials or elements can push the possibilities of your creative process and result in more sophisticated and unique nail art designs. At Sweetie Nail Supply, not only do we offer a wide selection of high quality gels, but we also offer an array of nail art products, including the spectacular offerings from BonnieBee Nail.

BonnieBee (also stylized as BonnieB. and bonniebeenail) is a South Korean nail art shopping mall that began in 2015 and offers its own nail art supplies as well as other high quality nail art supplies from Korea and overseas including Japan, the United States, and China. The brand’s name “BonnieBee” is based off of the lovable grandmother named Bonnie Bee from the brand creator’s favorite book, The Education of Little Tree.

BonnieBee’s founder worked for a nail brand company in Japan for seven years and was in charge of trade, design, and product planning before returning to South Korea and creating BonnieBee Nail. The former Japanese nail artist and founder plans and designs the brand’s own nail art products which range from gleaming powders, glitters, nail parts, and more—made for nail artists to be able to create distinguished and stunning nail art.

BonnieBee products are a must for any nail artists’ nail supply collection. Having a few nail art products can help you maximize your artistic possibilities. Even with only a few gel color options, adding powders, glitters, or nail parts can create diverse nail looks with eye-catching effects.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use selected BonnieBee products available at Sweetie Nail Supply to create different nail art looks.

Uruuru Sheets (Pink/Blue/Purple)
These iridescent sticker sheets can be cut into shapes to create various effects on the nails. Cut them into thin strips or triangular ships to create a broken glass effect. You can also cut out an ovular shape to cover the center of the nail and encapsulate the uruuru cutout with a thick gel to create aurora or ice nails. These iridescent sheets are a great way to add multidimensional color and reflection to the nails.

Satin Powder
bonniebee, satin powder, chrome powder,

BonnieBee satin powders can create an infinite number of nail looks when topped on different gel colors as the base. These satin powders cast the selected powder color, such as violet or blue. Satin powder in Purple Beam is the brand’s favorite product as it gives off a mesmerizing purple highlight.

To use satin powder, apply base gel to the prepped nails, followed by your gel polish color of choice. Next, apply a coat of non-wipe top gel and cure for only about 30 seconds in a UV nail lamp. Use a powder applicator, silicone tool, or your finger to rub the satin powder onto the semi-cured top coat. Dust off any excess powder. Seal the layer of powder with top coat, fully curing for 60 seconds or according to the gel manufacturer’s instructions.

You may have to experiment a bit with the cure time to get the powder to smoothly stick to the top coat. This can vary between 20-40 seconds of curing time depending on your lamp and depending on the viscosity of your top gel. If the satin powder does not appear smooth when rubbed on (appears grainy or powdery), cure the top gel a bit longer. If the powder does not stick well, cure the top gel for less time. 

Nuance Chips
These chips can be added to the nails to create nuance nails. Nuance nails allow for creative freedom, using just a few colors with similar tones to create more organic and abstract designs. These chips can be used to create encapsulated mosaic designs, interesting patterns, or added as a decorative piece. 

Shimmery Flakes
Shimmery flakes can add a lustrous and captivating effect, creating looks that mimic natural gemstones, marble effects, glittery nails, opal nails, or icy nails. Flakes can be sprinkled and pressed onto tacky cured gel on the nail or mixed with clear gel to create a sparkly customized gel. Always encapsulate flakes and larger loose glitter using a thicker clear gel and buff for a smooth finish.

Investing in nail art products such as BonnieBee powders, glitters, flakes, and nail parts not only maximizes your existing gel polish collection for more diversified looks, but also elevates your capability for creating personalized and stunning nail art. 

As we enter the new year, it’s a great time to set new goals in creating more beautiful nails and challenge ourselves to try new nail art techniques using different nail art elements. Have the confidence of quality, on-trend, and dazzling nail art products with BonnieBee. When asked what goals the brand has for the new year, BonnieBee looks forward to launching its own gel brand–an exciting development we can all anticipate. 

Happy new year!

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