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Brand Spotlight: Mostive

08 Dec 2023 0 Comments

mostive zinjja gel colorsAt Sweetie Nail Supply, we offer a wide selection of high quality South Korean gels and nail supplies ranging from up-and-coming brands and well-established brands in the nail industry. Mostive is a South Korean nail brand that has been consistently developing professional nail care products for more than ten years, with the aim to make nail art easily accessible to all. Established in 2012, the brand name “Mostive” derives from the combination of the words “most” and “motive.” “Mostive” signifies the biggest motivation to be beautiful and gives you the best creativity.

At its core, Mostive is centered on healthy beauty, believing that the pursuit of beauty should not have to come at the cost of health. Therefore, Mostive gels are created using only cosmetic grade ingredients. Bonder and buffing of the nails are not required prior to Mostive gel application, minimizing damage to the nails. Mostive gel formulas are also soak-off and easy to remove. So removal does not require filing off, making it user-friendly for both professionals and DIYers. In addition, Mostive gels are non-yellowing and its gel content does not separate in the bottle during its shelf life.

At Sweetie Nail Supply, we are proud to offer selected Mostive products, available only for Canada.

Here are 3 awesome Mostive products you’ll want to check out:

Mostive Mildang Brushes

mostive mildang brushes

These Mostive Mildang brushes are a nail artist’s dream as they are designed to be retractable. This feature allows the brush to be covered in storage, preventing exposure to dust, lint, and other unwanted debris. It’s important to keep gel brush hairs primed with a bit of clear gel, which also makes them tacky and likely that anything that comes into contact will stick. It’s also ideal to keep gel brushes clean of unwanted debris like dust and lint so you don’t contaminate your gels when dipping your brush into them. Keeping your brush primed with gel helps minimize air bubbles and prevents stray hairs, ensuring precise gel application. The retractable design of the Mostive Mildang Brushes keeps your brush covered when not in use. You don’t have to worry about losing a brush cap either, as the brush easily retracts into the handle body. These brushes are great for keeping nearby the workspace or bringing on-the-go.

The Mildang Brushes come in square, short liner, and long liner—the most common brushes one typically needs for gel application or nail art. Another nice feature of the brushes is that they are labeled, making it easy to identify the brush type. With these unique and useful features, it’s definitely worth investing in all three brushes.

Mostive Gel Pro Malang Mood Gels

mostive malang mood gels

These thick clay-like gels can be used to create customized 3d shapes and designs for beautiful embellishments on the nail. Mold unique shapes that resemble natural stones or shell pieces. Another option is to press these gels into gel molds to create precisely shaped nail charms. The Malang Mood Gels come in clear, pearl, and a variety of iridescent color options, eliminating the need for iridescent chrome powder. You’ll want to wear gloves when handling the product to avoid contact with skin. Use a spatula to scoop out gel and a silicone to help shape and mold the gel into desired shapes.


Zinjja Gel Colors

mostive gel korean gel
Mostive Zinjja gel colors are a thick and creamy formula that boasts two times deeper color. The Korean word “Zinjja” translates to “really” in English, emphasizing these colors’ high pigmentation. The formula does not separate in the bottle during storage, and the gel applies easily on the nails. As it is a slightly thicker consistency, it stays put on the nail and does not flow as easily as traditional gels. This helps prevent flooding of the cuticle area. The qualities of Zzinjja gels make them a supreme choice for both nail color and nail art. 

The distinct qualities of Mostive nail products reflect the brand’s long standing presence in the Korean nail industry and commitment to producing professional and healthy nail products. Mostive products are designed to enhance the beauty of nails while safeguarding their health, making Mostive a reliable choice for those who prioritize both style and well-being.

Check out our other Mostive Products available at Sweetie Nail Supply.

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