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Nailbayo Doi Aube Gels Product Feature

28 Jun 2024 0 Comments

When one thinks of Nailbayo and Doi gels, elegant and feminine nail looks with understated colors come to mind. The Nailbayo Doi Aube gels encompass these signature features. Available in a milky white color and three varying pink nude color options, the Aube gels combine the qualities of syrup gels with builder gels for buildable soft colors that can also provide support to the natural nails. These colors are perfect for achieving timeless and sophisticated nail looks, suitable for any occasion, whether formal or casual. 

Nailbayo Doi Aube gels are a result of extensive testing and are an easy-to-control and self-leveling formula that offer a smooth consistency with a high shine finish. They are HEMA-free and come in a medium viscosity, suitable for creating seamless gradation nails and for building a natural nail overlay. The self-leveling properties help in achieving a flawless application, minimizing the need for extensive filing and shaping after application.

For gradation designs, Aube gels can be used in three coats to create a seamless and elegant transition of color. Applying thin coats works best for this effect, allowing for even coverage. After nail prep and base coat, apply the first coat of your selected Aube gel onto the lower third of the nail at the free edge. Cure for 60 seconds using a UV/LED nail lamp. Apply the second coat at the center of the nail and work towards the free edge, covering about two-thirds of the nail. Cure for 60 seconds. For the third coat, apply a thin coat of Aube gel at the base of the nail and brush towards the free edge, coating the entire nail. Cure for 60 seconds. Proceed to nail art or apply top gel and fully cure. This method ensures a soft, gradient effect that looks professional and sophisticated. 

Aube gels can also be used as a builder gel for a natural nail overlay. After nail prep and applying base coat, apply a thin layer of your selected Aube gel onto the nail and cure for 60 seconds.

Next, apply a medium bead of Aube gel onto the nail, near the base. 

Holding the finger at a downward 45-degree angle, use the brush to spread the gel first towards the cuticle area and then side to side moving away from the cuticle area, being careful not to get gel on the skin.

The gel application should be thin at the base, at the sides, and at the free edge. If needed, use a liner brush to thin out or smooth out the gel near the sides of the nail. 

Build the overlay and cure one nail at a time to prevent the gel from flowing into the cuticle area. After all ten nails have been fully cured, proceed to nail art or apply top gel and cure. Aube gels are best for overlaying short to medium length nails for a natural protective layer and are not recommended for overlaying long nails or building extensions, as the gel is not hard enough to support length and extensions. However, being a softer product, Aube gel can be removed by filing down the product and soaking off with acetone, making it more user-friendly.

Whether you choose to use the Nailbayo Doi Aube gels for gradation nails or a natural nail overlay, these gels offer an easy-to-work-with formula suitable for creating a beautiful base for nail art or a clean and classy manicure. The versatility of Aube gels makes them a staple in any nail artist’s collection, allowing for both simple and intricate designs. The elegant finish and durability of these gels ensure that your nails will look stunning and last longer, making Aube gels an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve sophisticated nail looks with added protection. 

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